Tae Kwon Do in Oxford

Learn Realistic Personal Protection

Are you looking to immerse yourself in traditional Martial Arts, with realistic self-defence skills? At Rising Spirit Academy our Oxford Tae Kwon Do programme is taught to an expert standard by a British and Southern Tae Kwon Do Gold Medallist.

How our Oxford Tae Kwon Do classes are run

You will start with the foundations of Tae Kwon Do, so you will quickly experience its many physical and mental benefits. We run separate classes for each level, ensuring you are never intimidated by higher grades nor held back by new starters.

Why are our Tae Kwon Do classes in Oxford so popular?

  • Kicks and hand strikes for personal safety
  • Releases from grabs and holds for practical self-defence
  • Blocks used to disarm and intercept attackers
  • Locks and holds for maximum situational control
  • Stances to develop poise, balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Learn advanced sequences of movements to master mental focus and discipline
  • Smart traditional uniforms and etiquette in a relaxed atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Opportunites to develop your skills - as you progress you can attend weapons seminars, including Nunchakus, Knife and Gun defence, Bokken (sword) and Bo Staff
  • We celebrate your achievements with graduation ceremonies, bringing the academy together as a family

So if you want to get fit and gain confidence in a friendly, supportive atmosphere then look no further. Say YES to a new life and contact us for a free trial today!

Remember: if you are a parent you can train alongside your child.

Ready to try a free class?

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